This technical educational tool is the online version of an actual binder prepared and distributed by the Railway Tie Association. It contains the most current wood tie research.

Full copies of the binder can be obtained at a cost of $25.00 each by calling 770-460-5553


TieReport 1  Update on Wood Tie Life: Part 1

TieReport 2  Cost Comparison of Alternate Crosstie Materials

TieReport 3 Modern Crosstie Inspection and Planning Tools

TieReport 4 Optimizing Tie Maintenance Using Track Strength Information

TieReport 5 Material Properties of Wood Crossties

TieReport 6 Performance Requirements for Wood Crosstie Fasteners: Part 1, Track Strength

TieReport 7 Migration of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons from Railway Ties into Wetlands

TieReport 8A Tie Usage Index for Matching Wood Performance and Operating Conditions

TieReport 8B Categorizing Wood Species for Railway Use

TieReport 9 Extending the Service Life of Wooden Crossties by Using Pre- and Supplemental Preservative Treatments

TieReport 10 Comparison of Tie Requirements as a Function of Inspection Technique

Tie Report 11 Benefits of Dual Treatment (Borate + Cresosote) Tie

Tie Report 12 Assessment of Concrete Tie Life on U.S. Freight Railroads