Tie Guide 

Tie Guide: Handbook for Commercial Timbers Used by the Crosstie Industry

The wood crosstie has served the American railroad industry since its earliest days when wood ties were used as a foundation for the rail in the track structure. The dependability and service life of this wood component has been exemplary. The information provided in this booklet will provide the reader with a description of the identification, treatment and ultimate use of wood in the engineered crosstie system.

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Table of Contents

The Treatment of Wood Crossties
Technical Aspects and a Lesson in Wood
A Brief History of Wood Preservation
Why should Wood be Treated with Preservative?
A Summary of Commercial Timbers Used as Crosstie Materials
The Engineered Wood Crosstie
Solid Sawn Material
Hybrid Engineered Combination Material

Specification for Timber Crossties
American Wood-Preservers' Association Preservative Standards, P1/P13, P2, P3, and P4
American Wood-Preservers' Association Commodity Standard C6, "Crossties and Switch Ties"

The Conditioning & Treatment of Wood Crossties
Preparation of Crossties and Timbers for Treatment
Effect of Wood Structure on Treatment
Moisture Content and its Effect on Treatment
Wood Preservative and the Pressure Processes
The Treatment Processes
Standards and Specifications for Treatment
Questions and Answers
About the Authors