Purchases, Inventory, and ISR Reports

The Monthly Trends Reports delve into the monthly data gathered by RTA from its members. These reports offer suppliers and partners in the railroad industry the most up-to-date analysis of tie demand, inventory, and production data accessible.

Purchases data is calculated based on the
difference between monthly production and
the change in inventory. This is the most
important producer information that RTA
uses in its econometric forecasting process
for tie demand.
This document is the purchases data itself viewable in Excel. Contact [email protected] with
questions or access to work with this
password-protected file.

Create individual scenarios and yearly forecasts.
Change default percentages to adjust for changing conditions and to assess potential market outcomes
from those changes.

The historical green tie pricing report is updated monthly. 

RTA thanks The Hardwood Market Report for the raw data, which is rescaled and adjusted for inflation by RTA's economists.