Research & Development Compendiums Volumes 1 & 2

Volume 1

Volume 1.1 Life Cycle Performance R & D


AAR Research Review (1998)

Crosstie & Fastener Test (1999)

Evaluation of Life Cycle Costs (1998)

Major Findings of Wood Tie & Fastener Performance (1988-1999)

On the Prediction of the Life of Wood Crossties (circa 1980s-1990s)

R & D Briefing: Des Plaines Task Group C&NW Study (1988)

RTA Introduces TieLife Program (1998)

Rail Update (1993)

SelectTie II - Helps Railroads Make Solid Economic Decisions (1997)

Technical Service Bulletin - Nondestructive Evaluation of Bridges & Other Structures (1990)

Tie Planning Tools for Track Inspectors (1999)

Ties & Fasteners (circa 1980s)

Use of Track Strength Data in the Determination of Future Crosstie Requirements (circa 1998)

Volume I:   Remedial Projects Assessment (1986)

Volume II:  Track Safety Evaluation (1986)

Wood Ties to be Used in Upgrade (1998)


Volume 1.2 Wood Preservation R & D

1958 Cooperative Creosote Project (1958-1993)

An Economic Analysis of Alternative Methods of Drying (circa 1990s)

Evaluation of Treated Hardwoods in Field Stake Tests (1999)

Pioneer Work in Modern Wood Preservation - Title Page (1929)

R & D Briefing: Borates as Pre-treatment Preservative Enhancers (circa 1990s)

R & D - Hardwood Stake Tests (circa 1990s)

Trends in Creosote Supply & Quality (1997)

Wood Preservation During the Last 50 Years - Title Page (1951)

Wood Preservative Treatment for Crossties & Potential Future Treatments (1990)

Volume 1.3 Environmental R&D

Aquatic Environmental Sciences (1997)

Creosote Biodegradation Environmental Effects (1980)

Creosote, its Use as a Wood Preservative in the Railroad Transportation Industry with Environmental Considerations (circa 1999)

Spent Creosote Treated Railroad Crossties- Alternatives and Their Reuse (circa 1980s)

The Environmental Risks Associated with the Use of Pressure Treated Wood in Railway Rights-of-Way (1999)

Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure Testing of Railroad Crossties (1988)

Treated Wood Products, Their Effect on the Environment (1988)


Volume 1.4 Engineered Alternative Wood R&D

Glulam in Railroad Construction (1999)

New Experiences of the German Federal Railways With Tropical Hardwood Species (circa 1985)

Parallam PSL Ties and Timbers (1998)

The Engineered Hybrid Wood Crosstie (1999)

Ultimate Strength of FRP-Reinforced Glulam Beams Made with Douglas-Fir and Eastern Hemlock (1998)

Why are Hardwood Lumber Prices so High? Will They Remain High? (1998)


Volume 2

Volume 2.1 Life Cycle Performance R&D

Cost Benefit Analysis of Sleeper Replacement (2000)

Crosstie and Fastener Tests at FAST 1988-1999

Economic Analysis- Des Plaines Tie Configurations (1990)

Economic Analysis of Alternative Methods of Drying and Treating Railroad Crossties (1996)

Economics of Increased Axle Loads: FAST/HAL Phase II Results (circa 1990s)

FAST/HAL Tie and Fastener Experiments (1991)

Follow Up Meeting Notes (2000)

Performance at Des Plaines (1992)

Preliminary Results of Concrete Tie Strain Measurements at FAST (1995)

Report Brief at FAST (2000)

Survey of Wooden Crosstie Tests Volume I (1989)

Switch Tie Life and End Plates (2000)

The Effects of Drying Methodology on the Properties of Oak Crossties (1993)

Tie Performance at Des Plaines- Recent Developments (1992)

Wood Tie Fastener Performance Specification An Engineered Wood Crosstie System Project (circa 1990s)

Volume 2.2 Wood Preservation R&D

AAR Research & Test Department (1992)

Follow Up Information of Interest From Barnes/Amburgey on Wood Preservatives (2001)

AWPA Proceedings  (1998)

Treatment of Crossties Removed for Track to Prevent Spread of the Formosan Subterranean Termite (2000)

Volume 2.3 Environmental R&D

Ken Brooks Paper on PAH (2000)

A Review of Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure Testing of Railroad Crossties (1994)


Volume 2.4 Alternative R&D

WDMA Composites Specifications & Sheffer Index (2000)