RTA Antitrust Policy     


The principal goal of the RTA is the collective effort of its members to improve the wood crosstie industry for the mutual benefits of everyone connected to the industry, including the members, their customers and their suppliers.  Achieving this goal depends upon a free exchange of ideas, information and the cooperation and contribution of all members.  In order that each member may participate, confident that its communications and activities are safely within the requirements of the law, the RTA reminds its members that the following practices are not permitted:

• Agreeing to fix or set prices, markups or the terms of a sale
• Agreeing to fix territories or allocate customers
• Promoting a boycott of any producer or supplier
• Agreeing to limit the quantities of products

The purpose of this policy is to encourage the free exchange of information and to insure compliance with all applicable laws or regulations.  Any member who has a question about any activity or communication is encouraged to bring its concern to the attention of the Association and to consult appropriate counsel.