Environmental Literature

The following environmental literature is available online. Information is also available for the state of California's guidance on the management of used treated wood products.

Benefits of Creosote-Preserved Wood (Stephen Smith, P.E. August 2019)

Life Cycle Analysis of Creosote Treated Ties in the US Comparison Paper (2013)

Management of Used Treated Wood Products (circa 1990s) (Click here for the most recent Creosote Council Consumer Information Sheet (CIS) dated Sept 22, 2012)

Management of Used Treated Wood Products, Addendum for the Western United States (1996) (Click here for the most recent Creosote Council CIS dated Sept 22, 2012)

Treated Wood Waste Management Fact Sheet (2008)

Evaluation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Migration From Ties Into Ballast and Adjacent Wetlands (2000)

California Treated Wood Waste Confirmed Landfill List (2019)

The Western Wood Preserver’s Institute site contains numerous additional resources on the use of treated wood in and around aquatic environments.